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3. Argentine Tango Events & Private Lessons

Milonga Caminito

Address: 2155 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Hosts: Steven Joanna and Mike Johnston
Every Friday
7:30 - 8:30 pm Class ($15)
8:30 - 12:00 am Milonga ($10)
Class and Milonga ($20)
Pre-paid on the first Friday of each month: 
March $75 for 5 weekly class and milonga
April $60 for 4 weekly class and milonga
May $60 for 4 weekly class and milonga
(Students with valid ID: 40% off)

2155 Commercial Dr

Class Series Program Overview
All classes start with fundamental movements and body mechanic
exercises; then follow by specific topic of the day.

March Series
2nd - Balance, connection, weight changes, parallel and cross tango walk systems
9th - Variations of sandwich
16th - Variations of leading a cross
23rd - Variations of barridas
30th - Parada and Pasada

April Series
6th - Linear sacadas in parallel system
13th - TBD Guest teacher
20th - TBD Guest teacher
27th - Linear sacadas in cross system

May Series
4th - Molinete & turn exercise
11th - Circular (clockwise) sacadas in parallel and cross system
18th - Circular (counter-clockwise) sacadas in parallel and cross system
25th - Back sacadas

We also offer Private Lessons and Group Classes.

Contact Steven & Joanna at

Cell: (604) 671-4363